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The Telecoms Diversification Taskforce Announces key Recommendations

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 23 Apr 2021
  • Last modified 23 Apr 2021
The Telecoms Diversification Taskforce, led by Lord Livingston of Parkhead

Set up 6 months ago, the taskforce has published its independent report (see link) on the 20th April with an aspiration to deliver 25% of the telecom network through new vendors. 

Key recommendations from the report are:

  • Establishing influence in telecoms standards setting bodies to encourage best practice in security and open networks.
  • Creating the right environment for diversification through government and regulatory policy interventions.
  • Identifying interventions and investment to accelerate the development and adoption of OpenRAN technology, including establishing a fund for targeted R&D [UK5G is hosting a workshop on behalf of the DCMS about this for the 12th May]
  • Identifying opportunities to invest in long-term research and innovation to build UK Capability for current and future generations of telecoms technology - sometimes described as 6G.

A number of additional cross-cutting issues were also identified including Education and Skills, the role of Private Networks in the overall market, Intellectual property (IP) strategies,  and the need for an international approach.  

Ros Singleton, Chair of UK5G, was part of the task force and says:

It was a collaborative experience to work alongside the other members of the task force in the development of this independent report. I’d like to join Lord Livingston in extending my thanks to advisors from National Cyber Security Centre, from Ofcom, and the Diversification team at the DCMS for their excellent support.

Meanwhile, in a major development, Vodafone have announced on 23rd April the opening of new UK test and validation lab for OpenRAN at their Newbury campus (see link)