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UK to get £3.6bn boost – as speedy tech gives factories 5G whizz!

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 15 Jul 2019
  • Last modified 18 Jul 2019
Super-fast mobile internet is set to deliver a £3.6 billion productivity boost to Britain's economy, the first factory trials indicate.

The Worcester Bosch factory is the first in the UK to be kitted out with revolutionary 5G technology.

Early tests have already demonstrated an increase in productivity of 1 per cent at the boiler manufacturer in Worcester.

In the factory next door, machine tool manufacturer Yamazaki Mazak has seen a 2 per cent productivity boost since trials began earlier this year.

The two companies form part of the Worcestershire 5G consortium, which was launched with Government backing to test how 5G can boost factory output.

Manufacturing contributed £182 billion to the UK economy last year. So a 2 per cent rise in productivity could translate to a £3.64 billion increase.

Carl Arntzen, the chief executive of Worcester Bosch, estimates that it has saved tens of millions of pounds for the company. 

He said its engineers aim for a 3 per cent productivity improvement every year, which normally takes 'hundreds of projects targeting tiny little improvements here and there.

'So to effectively reach a third of their target in one project for them was like utopia.'

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Source: This is money