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UK5G Advisory Board appoints new members

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 19 Jun 2021
  • Last modified 22 Jun 2021
We’re delighted to announce the appointment of ten new UK5G Advisory Board members...

The UK5G Advisory Board is made up of industry and academic representatives and a cross-section of stakeholders in the 5G community and plays an important role in informing the operations of UK5G, championing the opportunities for 5G in the UK, providing independent, impartial advice to the Government as it develops its strategic policy and support for 5G, and acts as an informal review body for projects funded by the DCMS 5G Testbed & Trials programme. 

For the final year of the Testbed & Trials programme, it was agreed that the Advisory Board would refresh. We invited new members to represent key verticals including Manufacturing, Health and Social Care, Transport and Logistics, Creative and Media, and Connectivity in Places.

We are therefore delighted to welcome today 10 new Advisory Board Members.         

Ann Williams, Liverpool City Council

Ann Williams Circle pic

“I am really pleased to be appointed to the UK5G Advisory Board. As a Commissioner and Contracts Manager in Liverpool City Council’s Adult Social Care, I see my role to bring the Health and Social Care perspective to the Board," Williams said.  

She added: “In the Liverpool 5G Create project we are developing a private independent 5G network for Health, Social Care and education use cases. The COVID pandemic has shone a light on the impact poor/no connectivity can have on delivering remote health, social care, and education. We aim to reduce Digital Poverty and health inequalities.  Being a member of the advisory board provides the opportunity to share the real-life experience I have of delivering digital change at scale in the public sector across the developing 5G ecosystem.”

Catherine Gull, Cellnex UK

Catherine Gull circle

The possibility for me of the UK5G advisory board is to help public and private industries and communities to capitalise on the opportunities and benefits of 5G and to increase the size of the deployment and ecosystem supporting 5G use cases.

Colin Evison, BAM Nuttall Limited 

Colin Evison Circle Pic

“I am delighted to join the UK5G Advisory Board as a newcomer to the 5G sector. I am a Chartered Civil Engineer by profession and keen to grow my knowledge of 5G and show the benefits it can bring to the industry,” said Evison. “I intend to fully engage with the community and put to use the knowledge and experience I have gained in the past 30 years working in the civil engineering sector.”

Janette Hughes, Director of Planning & Performance, Digital health & Care Innovation Centre – Scotland

Janette Hughes Circle Pic

Julian Randall, Unity Technologies 

Julian Randall Circle

"We know the world is demanding high-speed, AAA content, whether it’s an educational augmented reality application or a robot running a simulation of a digital twin where Unity plays a leading role."

Julian added, "5G is the key piece for us to facilitate these real-time 3D experiences broadly and to better meet the demands of the real-time economy. As part of the UK5G advisory board I will be supporting the advancement of these technologies to further the mission of ensuring that the UK is at the forefront of global 5G development."

Martin Kelman, ATS Global Applied Tech Syst.

Martin Kelman Circle Pic

“With UK5G we have the opportunity to demonstrate how 5G can produce a new level of efficiency in the industry. Let’s start creating something exciting and something that we can all be proud of,” Kelman said.

Matt Stagg, BT Sport 

Matt Stagg Circle Pic

Stagg said: “I'm absolutely delighted and honoured to have been appointed to the board. One of the things I am most interested in progressing is cross-vertical collaboration within the organisation. There are many synergies with the work we are doing in the Creative Industries Working Group and other verticals. Identifying and expanding on these will help UK companies build positive business cases for advanced technology such as XR, AR, and edge computing.”

Muhammad Imran, University of Glasgow

Muhammad Imran Circle Pic

“I am excited to be part of the UK5G Advisory Board as I aim to expand the impact of 5G technology to as many verticals as possible. I champion this cause by promoting 5G capabilities and potential in the verticals of Healthcare, Transport, Industrial Automation, Education, Supply Chain management, future energy generation and distribution, to highlight a few active areas my team is involved in,” said Imran. 

“As a leader of an active research and development group working very closely with the 5G industry, I want to play my role in accelerating the uptake of 5G and facilitating the exciting use-cases jointly with the industrial collaborators.”

Patrick Melia, Sunderland City Council

Patrick Melia Circle

“My passion is for using technology and infrastructure to benefit the lives of all in society, delivering transformation through close joint working with partners across public and private sectors,” said Melia. 

 “In Sunderland, we’re making a real difference to our residents, businesses and communities through our focus on 5G and I hope my role with the 5G Advisory Board will allow us to support other places with challenges both similar and different to ours to ensure that no one and nowhere is left behind.”

 Paul Wilson, Connected Places Catapult

Paul Wilson Circle Pic

Wilson said: “As 5G becomes more ubiquitous, and new digital ecosystems emerge, the societal impact will increase, along with the blurring of lines between private and public sectors working together in shared data spaces.  As scale becomes the issue, so do ethics, and enlightened ways to manage a hyper-connected society.  I’m looking forward to the UK5G Board grappling with these important issues, as it moves into its next phase.” 

In the upcoming period, UK5G and its Advisory Board will focus mainly on:

  • Supporting the cohort of 5G Testbed & Trials projects to collaborate, and promoting their relevance through the delivery of marketing campaigns aimed at vertical industries and rural/urban connected places.
  • Projecting UK capability internationally.
  • Supporting the emerging supply chain diversification strategy.
  • Deciding if and how the innovation network might transition following the conclusion of the programme.   

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank members Mansoor Hanif and Alex Connock, who are now leaving the Advisory Board. 

Rosalind Singleton, said: "I am delighted to welcome so many new faces to the UK5G Advisory Board. As we head into the final phase of the UK’s 5G Testbed & Trials programme, it’s more important than ever to focus on practical, actionable insights and examples of where 5G can—and already is—making a real difference in our economy and society. Our new Members will enable us to do exactly that and I’m looking forward to working with them  I would also like to offer a huge thank you to our departing Members for their invaluable contributions to the Board and the wider programme”.