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UK5G is a Meta Network

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 3 Apr 2020
  • Last modified 1 Apr 2020
Ros Singleton is the Chair of UK5G, the organisation that supports companies working in the technology and those businesses that want to exploit its potential. Singleton has worked for and led some of the most innovative mobile companies in the world. Here she explains how British industry can benefit from working with UK5G.

Rosalind Singleton

Communications firms have a unique responsibility. In every industry they are the glue that holds the business together. And when they work well, they are invisible. It’s only when data doesn’t sync, a conference call fails or an email doesn’t arrive that we, including those in the communications industry, really think about communications.

It’s the job of UK5G to help the UK build a world-beating 5G ecosystem, and to do that a definition of an ecosystem is needed first. Effectively it’s linked organisations and people. It’s a network. The experience of Cambridge Wireless, the global association TM Forum and the Knowledge Transfer Network makes UK5G a network of networks.

The starting point for anyone who wants to work with UK5G is the website. It’s free and simple to join, and there it’s easy to find a lot of information on what’s happening with 5G in the UK, including what we have learned from the trials. Any business that wants to adopt the technologies of 5G can find and make contacts through the website, and for companies working with 5G, it’s the best place to find peers, customers and suppliers.

To gain the best bandwidth, lowest latency and the highest signal-to-noise ratio, there is nothing better than meeting people. UK5G supports many events: of the two or three 5G events each week, many are promoted by UK5G. What they offer ranges from an overview of 5G to vertical industry and technical specialisms. Some are major conferences such as Mobile World Congress and some involve just a few people.

Since we started UK5G, it has exploded into a larger network. After nine months, we created a steering board of nine people and then six working groups.

The working groups draw from the more than 2,000 people that are partnered with UK5G to get them engaged. The dynamic process of building this network is part of the ecosystem. The groups are: Connected Places; LEPs and SMEs (Local Enterprise Partnerships and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises); Creative Industries; Manufacturing; International; and Testbeds and Trials, which encompasses security.

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