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UK5G share their 2021 highlights

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 20 Dec 2021
  • Last modified 14 Dec 2021
Throughout 2021, our team has been working hard to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of global 5G development.

UK5G is dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the industrial application of 5G in the UK. Enjoy their highlights of the year below.

Robert Driver, Head of UK5G, said: “Converting emerging technologies into real-life transformative use-cases. We have shifted our focus this year from exploring what is technically possible and celebrating the work of the various projects up and down the country, to emphasising how businesses and organisations might engage with 5G and help non-5G savvy audiences and communities to reap the benefits. I am particularly proud of our campaigns in the Creative Industries, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics and Health and Social Care, as well as the work done on Places. I hope this has increased the UK’s awareness and understanding of 5G and provided a valuable resource for these sectors.”

He added: “On the supply side, it has also been great to see the UK5G supplier directory grow from strength to strength, and we have enjoyed supporting DCMS colleagues with innovation and international roundtables to explore the R&D priorities for the diversification of the telecom supply chain. All crowned with the announcement of the new FRANC projects in December.”  

Andy Curtis, Head of Digital Economy and Creative Industries, KTN, said: “There have been many, many 2021 highlights at UK5G but if I have to narrow it down: the portfolio of the events for the vertical campaign; delivering the international round table for DCMS that included a number of key governments from around the world discussing 5G; and the formation of the Climate and Environment working group.” 

Andy Curtis Webinar pic

Peter Whale, Senior Advisor, UK5G: “It’s been a brilliant year for UK5G! The Be Better Connected two-day online conference back in March was particularly memorable: for the buzz created around collaboration, and for the virtual networking, which given lockdowns, people really appreciated the chance to interact with colleagues across the length and breadth of the nation.”

“I’d also like to mention the various Devices Workshops I ran in January, May, July and November, that brought the projects together around a common need to procure suitable 5G devices, and for the great interaction and mutual help provided to each other by project members. I really valued helping an overwhelmed and stressed project collaboration lead to de-stress and finding a way to identify a meaningful collaboration with one other project that could be sensibly delivered,” he added. 

Vicki DeBlasi, Head of Marketing, said: “Joining UK5G and getting the chance to really appreciate the full breadth and depth of 5G innovation taking place across the UK.  Personally, scoping and delivering our vertical campaigns has given me the opportunity to really drill into the ways in which 5G can help and transform some of our most important sectors, and make a positive difference to all of our lives.”

Richard Foggie, Digital Economy and IoT, KTN, said: “My highlight was Liverpool 5G Create winning the Digital Leaders 100 ‘5G Innovation of 2021’ with their ‘haptic hug’. It needs 5G to work successfully and helps some of the most vulnerable among us.”

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Adam Driver, Email and Analytics Lead, said: "Technology has always interested me, but working as part of the UK5G team has opened my eyes to its current (and exciting potential) impact on society. It's been fascinating to see behind the scenes and the range of expertise we have across the UK. There are some really cool projects that are working toward a better, more collaborative future in a number of sectors, including those that will truly benefit wider society, such as healthcare and transport. The future is bright; the future is 5G!"

Kate Cartwright, Social Media Manager, said: “Many of the projects involved in the testbed and trails programme look to improve people’s lives through remote healthcare diagnostics to developing early flood warnings and pioneering innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions. I love working in innovation and it’s been a huge privilege to help promote these brilliant 5G projects from all over the UK.”

Crispin Moller, Project Lead Account Manager, said: “2021 has been a really busy year across all the projects, with some really exciting stuff happening. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the day in London and see the ultra-low latency benefits of 5G being put to test on the 5G Festival project.  Seeing the collaboration possible as a result of this technology is great and sets the scene for further future developments.”