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UK5G Testbeds and Trials Working Group - is now looking for contributors

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 21 Jun 2019
  • Last modified 9 Jul 2019

UK5G is seeking contributors to the UK Testbeds and Trials Working Group:

Apply to Working Group

Background on working groups

The UK5G Advisory Board (UK5G AB) has decided to create a number of working groups (WG), covering the following subject areas:

  • Local Enterprise Partnerships & SMEs
  • Connected Places
  • International
  • Testbed & Trials review [apply here]
  • Manufacturing
  • Creative Industries [apply here

The general purpose of each UK5G Working Group is to understand specific needs and challenges in the UK 5G ecosystem and to develop practical ways of overcoming these, normally within a relatively short timescale (12-18 months).

Each WG will have a Chair, taken from the UK5G AB, and will be made up of between 12-20 interested and relevant individuals (who must be registered on the UK5G website).

The Chair, in conjunction with UK5G will choose a list of relevant applicants. WGs will be organised routinely, at the discretion of the Chair, supported by the UK5G team. An action plan will be developed after the inaugural meeting.

The progress of the WGs will be reviewed twice-yearly at the full UK5G Advisory Group meetings (normally July, January).

Testbed & Trials

Phase 1 of the DCMS Testbeds and Trials programme succeeded in building a national network of testbeds interconnected with 6 innovative trials spread across the UK, bringing together dozens of organisations from sectors as diverse as Agriculture, Health Care, Tourism, Transport and Manufacturing.

The learnings from these early trials had significant impact in identifying challenges and supporting and informing a range of policy, regulatory and standardisation issues critical to advancing the development of 5G in the UK. Learnings from Phase 1 covered access to spectrum suited to specific use cases, the importance of engagement with early adopters of creative wireless solutions in specific industrial sectors, and of ensuring that 5G standards are flexible enough to embrace widely varying and complex supply chains – one size does not fit all

These trials focused largely on enabling 5G use cases through advanced 4G solutions together with other compatible access technologies, since 5G commercial devices were still in development. The extension of these trials into 2020 will build on this knowledge base adding full 5G capabilities now that 5G equipment and devices are commercially available. There will be a particular focus on feeding inputs to the upcoming R16 version of the 5G standard which is widely held to be the key release which will enable the most challenging and innovative uses of 5G

Wide engagement with Local Authorities, the public and with SMEs has proven valuable alongside the traditional telecom supply side players. There is now a need for wider-scale trials to answer commercial questions: the Urban Connected Communities (UCC) trial and the recently announced Rural Connected Communities (RCC) trials aim to address the need for large scale trials in Urban and Rural contexts respectively. Specific trials focused on Road and Rail connectivity are also expected later this year.

The UK Testbeds and Trials WG will coordinate progress across all of these trials, ensuring that knowledge and relevant outcomes are shared across trials, other UK5G WGs, with DCMS and relevant government departments and Ofcom. The WG will also suggest appropriate means by which to input outcomes into relevant international standards bodies.

This represents an exciting opportunity for a small number of experienced individuals to join the Working Group to contribute to a significant national initiative which will have lasting positive economic impact across the UK.

We are looking for a mix of members from industry, academia and relevant user organisations.

Required personal capabilities/responsibilities might also include:

  • Relevant understanding of mobile technology development at national/global scale
  • Senior R&D responsibility in industry or academia
  • Expertise in 5G technologies and its application to media/games
  • Insight into the potential impact of 5G across key vertical markets
  • Links to local, relevant research bases
  • A tangible passion for the creative application of engineering and technology
  • Curiosity

The call for applications is now open and will close at midday, 1st July. We will inform successful applicants by mid-July. If you would like to apply to join this group please submit your interest here.

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