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Understanding the role of 5G private networks for the creative industry

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  • Published by Vicki DeBlasi on 9 Jul 2021
  • Last modified 9 Jul 2021
The potential role of private 5G networks to the creative industry.

There is increasing and well known interest in the role of private 5G networks in industrial applications, such as manufacturing or logistics hubs – but what role might they play in supporting clusters of creative and digital businesses or organisations?

Bath Spa University is wanting to find out and explore the feasibility of a private digital network with cutting edge capabilities, to support creative and digital businesses and research.

They would love to hear your views, wherever you are located, and the survey link is HERE

Private digital networks can enable businesses and universities, venues, or even cities, to take greater control over how networks are designed, configured and operated. This can pave the way for innovation through experimentation with technologies such as, Augmented and Virtual Reality applications, massive Internet of Things deployments and increased capacity for cloud and edge computing.

Interest in location-specific private digital networks is growing as a complementary addition to Industry investment in public 5G networks.

For Bath Spa University, this survey and feasibility work supports work on the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D programme and in time, could help inform requirements of new R&D programmes such as MyWorld.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and answers are anonymous.

The survey closes on 31 July.

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