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26 GHz - the opportunity for a fresh approach to licensing in higher frequencies

    Report added by Real Wireless on 20 Apr 2022
For the UK Spectrum Policy Forum

About the UK Spectrum Policy Forum

Set up at the request of Government the purpose of the Spectrum Policy Forum is to be a pro-active industry-led ‘sounding board’ to UK Government and Ofcom on future policy and approaches on spectrum and a cross-industry ‘agent’ for promoting the role of spectrum in society and the maximisation of its economic and social value to the UK. The Forum do this by exchanging news and views on developments in using spectrum, drawing on our industry expertise from around the world.

The Forum is open to the full range of UK spectrum users. Members currently include over 240 companies and organisations with an interest in using spectrum for a diverse range of applications. In this context the term 'spectrum users' is to be interpreted in the widest sense - including all industry sectors which use (or will use) wireless techniques and organisations involved in the entire value chain in these activities.

The Steering Board ensure that the work of the Forum is properly framed, work items expedited in the correct manner and suitably resourced, and monitor progress on the delivery of the agreed work packages.