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5G CAL Project Overview Presentation | 2021

    Presentation Published on 22 Apr 2021
5G Connected Automotive Logistics is based in the North East.

Through 5G we will demonstrate the key features for successful CAL deployment – the safe and secure operation and handover of the CAV from autonomous mode to remote manual operation (teleoperation) and vice versa, when a situation outside of the autonomous logic of the vehicle arises. This is considered a crucial demonstration of the capabilities of 5G and CAL, and critical for their operation in potential emergency situations, and, it is believed, will represent a world-first innovation.

Project Partners & Expertise:

  • North East Automotive Alliance: Project lead 
  • Sunderland City Council: PMO and Regional Coordination 
  • Newcastle University: research and dissemination 
  • StreetDrone: CAV provision and build 
  • Vantec: Logistics expertise 
  • Nissan: Site coordination and operational needs 
  • Coventry University: CAV Cyber Security 
  • Perform Green: Technical and Quality Assurance, Collaboration Lead 
  • Connected Places Catapult: Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Dissemination.