5G Ecosystem – July 2020 – Devices update

    Report added by GSA on 8 Jul 2020
The GSA 5G Ecosystem – July 2020 report announces 5G devices has continued to climb swiftly, accompanied again this month by a continued rapid rise in the number of 5G devices that are commercially available.

In January 2020, the number of announced 5G devices exceeded 200 for the first time; by end-June 317 devices had been announced, of which 135 were understood to be commercially available (up from 112 at the end of May).

By end June 2020, GSA had identified:

  • sixteen announced form factors (phones, head-mounted displays, hotspots, indoor CPE, outdoor CPE, laptops/notebooks, modules, snap-on dongles/adapters, industrial grade CPE/routers/gateways, drones, robots, tablets, TVs, a switch, modems and a vending machine).
  • eighty-six vendors who had announced available or forthcoming 5G devices.
    three hundred and seventeen announced devices (including regional variants, and phones that can be upgraded using a separate adapter, but excluding prototypes not expected to be commercialised and operator-branded devices that are essentially rebadged versions of other phones), including 135 that are understood to be commercially available:
  • one hundred and thirty-five phones, (up 16 from May), at least 95 of which are now commercially available (up 12 in a month). Includes three phones that are upgraded to offer 5G using an adapter.
  • eighty-five CPE devices (indoor and outdoor, including two Verizon-spec compliant devices not meeting 3GPP 5G standards, and enterprise grade CPE/routers/gateways).
  • forty-nine modules.
  • twenty-two hotspots (including regional variants).
  • five laptops (notebooks).
  • twenty-one other devices (including drones, head mounted displays, robots, snap-on dongles/adapters, a switch, tablets, TVs, USB terminals/dongles/modems and a vending machine).

Not all devices are available immediately and specification details remain limited for some devices.

Download the full report of further insights and detail