5G Infrastructure PPP – Trials & Pilots Brochure

    Presentation Published on 2 Oct 2019

This first “5G Infrastructure PPP – Trials & Pilots Brochure” provides a summary overview of some of the PPP Trials & Pilots achievements.The 5G Infrastructure PPP programme and its related projects are achieving outstanding progress and impact over the three consecutive phases (specification, development, experimentation/pilots). The PPP Phase 3 will include an impressive number of 5G Trials & Pilots in many different Vertical Sectors, covering among others Automotive, Industry, Media & Entertainment, Public Safety, Health, Energy, Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics…The Phase 2 projects have already prototyped, validated, trialed and piloted 5G in specific Vertical Sectors.

5GIP brochure

This first “5G Infrastructure PPP – Trials & Pilots Brochure” highlights 10 of these Phase 2 Trials & Pilots, selected by a PPP panel based on the assessment of the Trials & Pilots impact and potential (projects in alphabetical order in the Brochure):

  • 5GCAR See Through
  • 5GCAR Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Protection
  • 5G-MEDIA Remote Production
  • 5G-MoNArch Smart Sea Port Testbed Hamburg
  • 5G-MoNArch Touristic City Testbed Turin
  • 5G-Xcast Media Content
  • MATILDA Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR)
  • ONE5G Serving Industrial Areas through 5G Technologies
  • ONE5G Serving Megacity Areas through 5G Technologies
  • SLICENET eHealth

This first Brochure will certainly encourage readers to look for more information and details, visit the PPP and projects websites, read the related documents, interact with PPP participants in meetings, workshops and conferences. More and more achievements are expected in the coming period, with the final development and completion of the Phase 2 projects and the further development of the Phase 3 projects.

A second edition of the Brochure is therefore expected early 2020. Stay tuned…