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5G Planning – geospatial considerations

    Guide added by Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport on 17 Nov 2021
A guide for planners and local authorities

Intended Audience

This document is for telecommunications network planners deploying mmwave sites and Local Authorities considering 5G mmwave technology.

The contents of this document are restricted to the UK market as we refer specifically to UK National mapping data provided by Ordnance Survey; OS MasterMap (OSMM). However, the principles defined in this document can be applied to any country to inform 5G planning scenarios across the world.

Purpose of document

This document focuses on how the geo-spatial environment (man-made and natural) impacts the propagation of mmwave signals and what network planners and local authorities need to consider when planning a new network. It aims to provide a comprehensive approach to help assess the environment being considered for deployment, identifying which geo-spatial features are important to consider, how to identify them and, where new features need to be captured, which techniques and associated indicative costs may be involved to assist planners in budgeting.