5G PPP Newsletter

    Newsletter Published on 7 Sep 2020
The latest 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership Newsletter

The 5G PPP programme, as stated in the contract with the EC, is clearly planned to be more effective than standalone projects by having a strategy of working together through a program level Steering Board and a Technical Board bringing all 5G PPP projects together.

The success of the 5G PPP programme is significantly dependent on how the various projects can complement each other across the 3 planned phases and how effectively they can interface and cooperate to create a durable and strong impact, creating significantly more synergy beyond individual fragmented project efforts.

This 5G PPP Projects Heritage figure (Version 1.0) depicts the PPP programmatic connections between projects over the different phases.

In continuation of the 5G PPP Phase II key achievements, the “Key achievements v 3.0” from 27, 5G PPP Phase  2 and Phase 3 Projects was recently released at Approximately 80 achievements have been reported that have been grouped in 11 different categories.  Contrary to the Phase II key achievements, were these were mainly related to technological breakthroughs, the current list identifies the progress of 5G PPP according to overall plan that is related to gradual shifting from concepts to trials.

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