5G: Strategy for Scotland

    Report Published on 26 Aug 2019
A strategy outlining our vision for 5G and our commitment to embracing the opportunities it will give to build towards our aspiration to establish Scotland as a forward looking digital nation.

Scottish Government intends to “fund the development of a number of use case projects where 5G offers operational benefits or are dealing with challenges which require a deeper understanding of what role 5G can play in overcoming problems” along with a number of other measures: such as developing the case for the creation of an asset register, developing a 5G procurement toolkit for local authorities, collaborating with industry to understand how sustainable 5G transport corridors can be created, and exploring the development of a sustainable neutral host model.

The 5G opportunity for Scotland
5G networks can benefit urban areas, in which initial deployments are likely to focus, but also rural and remote areas, where they could facilitate remote access to key services and contribute to the sustainability of the rural economy. 

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