The 5G top 100

    Report added by Informa on 19 Aug 2020
Meet the 100 most influential people in the world of 5G products, technologies and services for 2020.

A comprehensive overview of the biggest influencers in the 5G universe, the 5G 100 encompasses those who have the voices to cut through the industry noise; they have the power to say where 5G could go next and enough people paying attention to them that what they say could happen.

These aren't just CEOs; these are the technologists, business development people with engineering backgrounds, journalists, regulators, analysts, and board-level executives.

The list has been compiled by 5G experts across Informa Tech, including journalists, editors and analysts, from an initial list of over 500 nominees.

What are you waiting for? Meet the most influential individuals charting the course for the next generation of global communications by accessing the list now...