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    Guide added by UK5G on 11 Jul 2022
5G opens new horizons for the health and social care sector, where connectivity remains a major problem.

Digital technologies can support more people-centric care, a transition from a reactive to a preventative model, and move the delivery of care from clinics to communities—unlocking the efficiency, resilience and flexibility required to meet the UK’s ever-growing needs.

But first, a compelling business case is required. This guide has been designed to provide insights, introducing the concept of stackable use cases and the potential for a civic network in communities, while considering some of the practical ways to approach working with other public sector services. We don’t claim to have all the answers in this one guide, indeed this forms only one part of a wider body of content produced by UK5G to help support the health and social care sector in deploying 5G, and of course, each case is unique.

Still, this should act as an informative introduction to key commercial concepts within the health and social care sector and kick-start the notion that 5G is best approached using a broad frame of reference: supporting those who work in the public sector— including local authorities, NHS Trusts, Integrated Care Systems and organisations responsible for the delivery of health and social care.