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DCIA Draft Technical Specification

    Report added by Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport on 2 Feb 2022
Draft technical specification produced as part of the Digital Asset Management Platform workstream for the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator project

The DCMS Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) project aims to accelerate
deployment of advanced wireless connectivity, including 5G, through identification and
national adoption of best-practice processes and tools to access publicly owned assets (land,
buildings, and street furniture) for installation of telecommunications equipment.

This technical specification has been jointly developed with mobile telecommunication
infrastructure providers (including all four major Mobile Network Operators), UK regions and
their constituent local authorities, government partners (such as Geospatial Commission), and
potential solution providers.  It forms part of the Digital Asset Management Platform workstream within the DCIA project seeks to support national adoption of online tools which digitalise and to as greatest degree possible automate the process of finding and securing rights-of-use of suitable locations for deployment of advanced wireless equipment. 

The purpose of this draft document is to set out the core functionality requirements a Digital
Asset Management Platform would need to provide. It is being used as a base reference for the DCMS funded region-led pilots taking place in 2022.