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Defining & Measuring Rural Wellbeing

    Report Published on 15 Feb 2022
Guidance for DEFRA policymakers and advisers

5GTT Project Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) contributed to a case study for research into the specific influence of rurality on individual and community wellbeing. The research was commissioned by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and undertaken by the Centre for Thriving Places (CTP).

This report aims to support and guide policymakers developing policies for rural areas and evaluators of rural projects or policies to incorporate wellbeing into their plans and evaluation.

Perhaps the most consistent and important finding across all elements was the vital role of access (and equity of access both within rural and between urban and rural areas) when considering wellbeing in a rural context. 5G capability can have a critical role to play in improving access to a wide range of services within rural communities.