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5G Special Report

Collaboration with Raconteur

5G is set to be a game changer with faster speeds and lower latency, but how will it impact specific industries across the globe? Our 5G special report, published in The Times, looks at the industry potential 5G holds and which brands are leading the way. It also examines why private networking will be a game changer for businesses and the UK economy. It explores the security complexities involved in the new generation and how certain countries are approaching the changing telecoms landscape. Also, the featured infographic measuring the economic impact of 5G and which sectors will benefit most.

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Articles include...

  • Huawei, China and the rise of techno-nationalism
  • Does 5G require more or less focus on security?
  • Taking 5G innovation to the edge
  • Kickstarting an automotive revolution
  • The economic impact of 5G (infographic) 
  • Mobile 5G set to transform what’s possible
  • Can 5G aid rural connectivity and social mobility?

  • Why private networking will be a game-changer