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Edge-XR Automotive Retail Use Case

    Case Study added by The GRID Factory ltd on 7 Jul 2021
Automotive Sales use case where photoreal VR can help buyers customise, visualise and interact with their new car and the brand at the dealership and at home.

Who is doing it?

Sales use case where photoreal VR can help buyers customise a car at the dealership and at home. This use case is led by The GRID Factory.


The Car buying experience was transformed when BMW released its Car Customisation tool for the Mini. Since then brands have tried to transform the customer experience, build brand loyalty and shorten the sales cycle. This use case will focus on the use of XR at the physical point of sale.


  • Explanation: As cars become more complex and new technologies emerge, immersive technologies help the customer to understand complex features.
  • Personalisation: Personalisation is now a reality, with thousands of different configurations available thanks to advanced manufacturing processes. Using XR, customers will be able to visualise choices During the Inability of the customer to quickly visualise and understand the build or change.
  • RoI: Current solutions exist that are expensive to buy, maintain, scale and manage.

We suspect that the financial and commercial impacts of this innovation can lead to sustained competitive advantage for the retailer.