Emulating a 5G UE with National Instruments

    Newsletter added by National Instruments (NI) on 5 Sep 2019
Fully 3GPP release 15 non-standalone (NSA) compliant, the NI Test UE emulates the full operation of user equipment (UE) and provides real-time performance information when connected to a gNodeB.

Before the 5G ecosystem can evolve, semiconductor, commercial infrastructure equipment, and even service operators must test and validate products and services to evaluate performance, conformance to the standard, and interoperability. With support for 100 MHz of bandwidth and 4x2 MIMO, the sub-6 GHz NI Test UE can be used to test components, subsystems, and/or full base station or gNodeB equipment at every earmarked 5G band in the lab or in the field.

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View video here.