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An Evaluation of the Transport Route Hyper-Dense Neutral Host Network and Business Model Insights – Stage 1

    Report Published on 23 Oct 2019
The stage one report from the AutoAir Consortium is now available to download. The PDF introduces the concept of the hyper-dense neutral host network where a number of easy-to-deploy small cells are installed in close proximity to the road or trackside.

Note: to download the report via the Real Wireless site you will need to provide your name, company and email.

Shaping the future of connected and autonomous vehicles

For many years, the media has talked about the future of connected vehicles and the technology necessary to take fully connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) from a dream to a reality. Real Wireless is part of the AutoAir consortium, helping to deliver the technology that will make that reality possible.

By creating a new 5G testbed at the world-famous Millbrook Proving Ground, the consortium has demonstrated through the use of both 60 GHz mmWave and sub 6 GHz networks the ability to connect vehicles moving at high speed and stream data between them and to fixed infrastructure.

At the AutoAir summit in 2019, this was demonstrated to key industry players and the media by streaming 4K video between fast-moving cars and coaches. Real Wireless played a pivotal role in the establishment of this network by using its in-house developed radio network dimensioning and planning tools to determine the precise locations where the cells have been installed to facilitate constant communications.

By utilising the testbed and connectivity networks, users and AutoAir partners can assess the impact and effectiveness of real-world on road 5G connectivity. There is also the potential to apply such technology to rail transportation.

Real Wireless is recognised as the world’s leading independent wireless advisory firm. With experience spanning transportation and connected places such as ports and stadia, Real Wireless and its digital infrastructure advisory service works with governments, regulators, end users, vendors and network operators to help plan the future.