Flex 5G

Implementing fundamental changes to its complete 5G SA network, Flex-5G has a tagline ofFlexible, Efficient and High-Performance 5G Open RAN. The project’s network or sub-parts thereof that can take many forms, even combining the whole 5G SA network into one box.

This project creates “Flex-5G”, a solution realising a complete 5G SA network that is similar in physical appearance to a large computer and might be installed, for example, in premises such as a factory, office or even your home. It can also scale to use in larger mobile operator 5G network deployments that provide coverage and capacity across wide areas.

The Flex-5G solution is fully Open RAN compliant, able to be broken down into constituent modules distributed across different geographical locations and interworking with modules created by others as necessary. This presents vast flexibility and diversification benefits. The solution is at the cutting-edge of what is known as “software radio”, doing everything—down to the most basic level technically possible—in software using general purpose processors such as are in your PC, workstations, or servers, in conjunction with other programmable elements. The flexibility of this software basis is leveraged in Flex-5G to increase the performance and efficiency of the 5G network, and to improve upgradability, customization to use cases, robustness and security through software patches and configuration options, among many other benefits. Other cutting-edge aspects of 5G are also furthered in Flex-5G, most notably key advances on “Massive MIMO” technology—improving the performance and practicality of high-end 5G network deployments.