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Green Planet 5G AR | Final Report

    Report added by BBC Studios on 10 Jun 2022
The Green Planet AR Experience, powered by EE 5G, was a ground-breaking experience created by Factory 42 with BBC Studios.

Executive Summary

It was a ground-breaking experience that brought the natural world and an ecological message to the public, while achieving many industry firsts, and demonstrating how 5G can be used to create new immersive experiences. A world-class consortium of partners, including BBC Studios, EE, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Dimension Studio, Talemsith, led by Factory 42 and supported by The Crown Estate, came together to build one of the UK’s most innovative 5G projects. Inspired by BBC One’s landmark series, The Green Planet, the project brought the natural world into the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus using the magic of augmented reality. Creating an experience that inspired, immersed, and educated visitors about the wonderful world of plants and their importance to our planet, while utilising cutting-edge 5G technology and innovation, was the key goal of the project .

The consortium pushed the boundaries of storytelling and technological innovation to create a sold-out experience in one of the UK’s largest 5G SA network trials. In just three months, a historical landmark Grade I listed property at 55 Regent Street, London was transformed into six stunning, immersive, and interconnected biomes. Through the magic of augmented reality, visitors were led by a 3D hologram of Sir David Attenborough on a journey into the secret kingdom of plants. EE’s low latency 5G SA private network, edge computing, Unity game design, and spatial audio were merged with an augmented reality application. This allowed audiences to seamlessly journey around each room while interacting with beautifully.

rendered plants and animals on their timescale and from their perspective, through a mobile device. EE’s 5G network enabled water to ripple as visitors journeyed through each room, 400,000 blades of seagrass to react to their presence, and digital butterflies to land on visitors’ hands.

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