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Green Planet 5G Project Overview

    Case Study added by EE on 8 Apr 2021
The goal of this experience is to build upon the TV series and take audiences on an immersive, interactive AR journey into the hidden lives of plants so as to better understand their inherent value, struggles and challenges through empathy building play.

To clearly communicate that we are not so different from them after all. We are wanting to help combat our ‘plant blindness’ and create a greater understanding and connection to vital plant life.

We will enable people to explore and interact with some of the key ecosystems from the series, amplifying those stories in amazing ways.

Utilising augmented reality we can bring The Green Planet into people’s hands to fully explore global ecosystems in their own spaces, and help everyone to discover that plants can be just as surprising, uniquely individual, and dramatic as animals.

The 5G experience will feature experiential hubs that will delight and amaze crowds in the moment. Harnessing unrivalled graphical fidelity, giving audiences the most immersive way to experience and interact with plant life, across iconic urban and rural locations.

Throughout this journey of exploration and discovery, the audience will be guided and directed by Sir David Attenborough, who appears at specific key moments to ensure we continually inform, enthrall, reward and motivate.