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 Note from Robert Driver, UK5G Lead and CW Director

I am sure you will all have seen the recent announcement and publication from DCMS regarding the supply chain review. It set out plans to improve security standards and practices across the UK’s telecoms sector and states that the government is further considering its position relating to high-risk vendors following recent action by the US Department of Commerce.

In response to the Review’s findings, the Government has said it will establish a ‘new, robust security framework’ for the UK telecoms sector. This new framework will aim to ensure operators build and operate secure and resilient networks, and manage their supply chains accordingly. DCMS states operators will have to assess the risks posed by vendors to network security and resilience, and ensure they manage those risks appropriately.

The Review also identified a lack of diversity in the supply chain and it will be interesting to see how the Government will promote new players in the market, both in the UK and abroad. 

The advent of 5G is, of course, exciting, but it does also present potential new security challenges. It is refreshing to see Government on the front foot and looking to implement sensible policies that make our networks safer.

Telecom Supply Chain Review

Recent announcement

Sector testbed - manufacturing and logistics

Could you help drive the 5G revolution? DCMS have launched a UK wide competition for Industrial 5G Testbeds & Trials projects in logistics & manufacturing. Up to £10m is available for 5G projects that can help boost productivity.

Digital Catapult and KTN delivered the briefing event yesterday. You can view the event below or head over to our resources page to download the slides. 

View competition page on here.

Upcoming Events

25th July | Developing IoT Tech in the 5G Era: Talks by Nokia, Telit and Sierra Wireless (Ended. View more Hardware Pioneers events here)

22nd AugState of Play webinar: How 5G will change broadcast

12th Sep | Contracting barriers for connected cities

24th SepThe UK Space Conference 2019

26th Sep | CW Technology & Engineering Conference (CW TEC) 

30th SepAn Advanced Introduction to 5G Technology

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