Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care Testbed Benefits, Outcomes and Impact

    Report added by Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care on 5 Dec 2019
Final analysis of combined data from use cases

Key Outcomes Summary

• 70% of the products/services in the trial reported an increase in Technology Readiness Level (TRL) over the course of the project, with 55% reaching their target level during the project

• Over £1.1m additional funds spent on R&D due to the funded project

• Over 60 collaborations, partnerships and discussions with partner organisations or potential partner organisations.

• Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care testbed mentioned in over 160 press and media articles and consortium partners took part in over 60 conferences, events and dissemination activities

• Cumulatively, implementation of use cases could potentially result in cost savings to the Health and Social Care services of an estimated £247,688 per hundred users per year, after use case service costs (not including network costs). This assumes service users have multiple devices; any savings would be dependent on the needs of service users, their location, and the mix of devices that would be applicable.