Lost connection: how poor broadband and mobile connectivity hinders small firms

    Guide added by UK5G on 30 Oct 2019
An examination of the state of mobile connectivity in the UK and how it affects small businesses, with data gathered from over 1,000 small businesses.

This report was authored by Jaynesh Patel, Senior Policy Advisor for Infrastructure at the Federation of Small Businesses, the UK's leading business organisation. It was published in October 2019.

Special thanks to FSB’s policy, public affairs and media teams in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, in particular the project team responsible for delivering the report: Andy Poole, David Hale and Charlotte Talbot. The research was carried out by Verve – the market research agency responsible for administering the survey. The report was designed by Cactus Design Limited – a small business based in Wales. This report contains data provided by FSB members who generously took time to complete the survey, and has been enriched by case studies from experiences shared by members in focus groups, which were organised by FSB field staff.