LTE-5G in Asia Pacific 2020 – Snapshot

    Report added by GSA on 27 Jul 2020
LTE has been launched by 165 operators in 49 countries/territories in the Asia-Pacific region (including fully mobile networks and FWA broadband networks using LTE).

Further Highlights

  • A handful of the world’s few remaining LTE ‘not-spots’ (i.e. countries/territories with no LTE at all) can be found in remote parts of the Asia-Pacific region. However, these remaining island regions either have LTE networks planned or deployment is already underway.
  • Recent additions to the LTE networks in the region in 2020 include:
  • TPG Telecom in Singapore
  • Rakuten in Japan
  • Afgan Telecom (Aftel, Salam) in Northern Kabul, Afghanistan

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