LTE – 5G in CaLA – Central & Latin America – Snapshot

    Report added by GSA on 17 Jul 2020
LTE is deployed in virtually all central and Latin American countries/territories LTE has been launched by 140 operators in 51 countries/territories in Central and Latin America (including fully mobile networks and FWA broadband networks using LTE).

A couple of the world’s few remaining LTE ‘not-spots’ (i.e. countries/territories with no LTE at all) can be found in remote parts of Central and Latin America. GSA is not aware of any launched LTE networks on Bouvet Island, or South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. But all other territories/countries in CALA have at least one launched LTE network.

Recent additions to the LTE networks in the region have been:

  • Cuba (Etecsa/Cubacel) in 2019
  • The Falkland Islands (Sure) in 2018
  • Grenada (Digicel) in 2018
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Digicel) in 2018.LTE FWA has been deployed in the majority of Central and Latin America countries and territories

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