LTE Ecosystem July 2020 – Global Status Report

    Report added by GSA on 14 Jul 2020
LTE Ecosystem July 2020 – Global Status Report- GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) monitors and researches worldwide mobile broadband developments and publishes facts, statistics and trends.

This report confirms 16,807 LTE user devices identified as launched (including 61 commercial 5G devices also supporting LTE) from 755 manufacturers and provides an analysis of the main developments and trends.

This new total is 19% higher than the number of devices identified by GSA in March 2019. This report covers LTE FDD and TDD (TD-LTE) models and LTE-related cellular IoT devices standardised by 3GPP as UE Cat-M1/M2 and UE Cat-NB1/NB2.

LTE user devices
While 5G grabs the headlines, LTE still dominates global mobile telecoms. There are 797 operators with commercially launched mobile or broadband fixed wireless access networks (GSA: NTS Database June 2020). There were 5.43 billion LTE subscriptions globally by the end of Q1 2020 (source: Omdia, June 2020). LTE accounts for over 59.2% of mobile subscriptions globally. Given this huge market, it is not surprising that there is a vibrant technology ecosystem supporting operators with LTE networks and within that, a large number of vendors selling a huge array of devices.

There are 16,807 LTE-capable user devices including frequency and operator variants from 779 suppliers verified in GSA’s GAMBoD database, a 16.2% increase since June 2019. The number of devices has continued to grow rapidly, at an average growth rate of more than 2,800 devices per year for the past four years.

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