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Private 5G Networks for Industry 4.0:

It is assumed by many that the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will change the dominance of telecom companies and bring different stakeholders, but is this necessarily true? Automakers BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen have told the BNA (Federal Network Agency), Germany’s spectrum manager, that they are “interested in operating local 5G networks”.

Interestingly, while 5G has been bandied mostly in the auto industry as being a suitable next-generation radio technology for autonomous vehicles to talk to each other, there is just as much potential for networks within the factories and industry 4.0. In-house 5G provisioning will allow enterprises to define their own security implementations and keep proprietary data local.

5G with all of its security could be delivered by going private, or "local" as it’s sometimes called. Additional advantages include configuring the low-latency technology to tailored and precise, real-time performance requirements — because this isn’t reliant on “interworking” with public networks.

However, 5G will be better in factories than already-being-implemented LTE and Wi-Fi because it has better performance. Millisecond updating, to use one example, or flexible slots for efficient synchronisation of machines, are both part of the package.

Lots of industrial verticals have been asking about use of the private spectrum, and Bosch is already working with partners and telco equipment maker on a test laboratory in the UK demonstrating factory applications. Bosch factory independently manages 5G at the production-line level, while an operator provides the sensors and connects the private 5G element to the WAN.

Within industry, the networked factory is the great hope for productivity increases in the medium term. The sheer quantity of data should give unprecedented control over all aspects of production, allowing factories to switch focus rapidly and with great precision, making different models simultaneously on the same assembly lines. However, collaboration is  appreciated across all sectors.

In my opinion, we do need a global strategy, a strategy of collaboration between the different parties, from the phone operators to carriers, suppliers of the telecoms and all affected industries. I do believe the UK5G board will play a huge role moving forward.

Eman Martin-Vignerte
External Affairs, Governmental and Political Relations - Region Great Britain 
Robert Bosch UK & UK5G Advisory Board Member

Upcoming 5G Events

23rd - 24th May: DSP Leaders Forum, by telecomTV (Featured)

DSP Leaders Forum

20th May: 60th Anniversary Celebration - CMA Specialist Group (London)

21st - 22nd May: Small Cells World Summit 2019 (London) *15% discount using  MP1 at registration checkout*

21st May: Demystifying 5G Seminar (Reading) 

22nd May: Advanced Techniques in RF PA Design, with Professor Steve Cripps (London)

31st May: ITU's AI for Good Summit (Geneva) (Includes 5G for good)

11th June: The Media Production Show (London) (Connectivity in Sport)

11th - 13th June: 5G World (London)

11th June: Developing a London wide connectivity approach (London)

12th June: 5G and Extended Reality Showcase (London)

18th June: Connected Britain (London) 

26th June: CW International Conference, by Cambridge Wireless (CW)

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