Although the smallest project in FRANC in terms of funding, the FRAT project packs a punch and will produce equipment to be used in the development of mobile base station infrastructure.

AceAxis in partnership with MAC Limited propose to develop a Future RAN Radio Test system, for use by 3rd party radio development vendors designing, building and testing 5G Future RAN radios.

Radio test systems have historically required customized, “home-brewed” test setups that are difficult to support. As much time and cost can be spent debugging the test setup as is spent designing the radio. This creates a significant barrier to entry for radio developers, as the development team not only requires radio expertise but also requires digital skills to develop baseband emulators.

Future RAN interfaces are clearly defined. Using these interfaces, along with 3GPP definitions provides the opportunity for this Future RAN Radio Test system to become the trusted industry standard for developing 5G radios. By allowing radio developers to focus on their areas of expertise, the Future RAN Radio Test system will reduce barriers to entry and encourage 5G radio supply chain diversification.