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PIN for Digital Communication Infrastructure Service Provision

    Guide added by Glasgow City Council on 16 Nov 2021
Digital infrastructure is considered a basic utility fundamental to maintaining and growing the economy and reducing the digital divide. Digital connectivity is directly linked to Glasgow’s ability to attract and retain business and inward investment.

The next generation of mobile connectivity is on the horizon and many cities are already examining how to be 5G ready to ensure that they are positioned to exploit both the advantages of the enhanced functionality and the associated inclusive economic benefits.

In order to exploit the economic opportunities of both digital connectivity and the advent of 5G as an industry standard offering, cities must have the right infrastructure to be ready to support service on 5G handsets, deliver the 5G use cases and associated business.  This will be required as early as mid-2020. Therefore time is now of the essence to ensure Glasgow’s digital infrastructure makes Glasgow an attractive and competitive place to innovate, invest and live in.

The full report outlines Glasgow's Digital Strategy