Secure 5G

This project uses world leading British expertise to develop a more efficient PA, for base stations with a power output of up to 10W, along with the hardware and software needed to drive it in a flexible and secure manner. This will work alongside a radio architecture developed by the project.

This proposal aims to develop a unique and novel 5G O-RAN platform able to provide better efficiency, higher security and a wide frequency range enabling it to be ready for future 5G bands.

Current software defined radio platforms for O-RAN are typically bespoke solutions able to cover only a narrowband of operation. With the opening up of the spectrum towards 10GHz there is a need to develop systems that are flexible in their frequency range but are able to output the powers needed for a communication platform for dense environments.

In this project, the consortium will develop a novel modular platform able to output powers of up to 10W (initially) using a new Software Defined Radio (SDR) chip able to operate up to 10GHz coupled with a very efficient, wideband power amplifier. As well as developing a more flexible and scalable platform the team will also integrate a new security layer based on Arqit’s QuantumCloud™ platform that will provide security by default in the operation of the system by using stronger, simpler encryption that is unbreakable – even with a quantum computer.