Security Transparence and Assurance in a 5G World

    Report Published on 25 Oct 2020
Security, Transparence and Assurance in a 5G World Authors: Maxine Holt & Tanner Johnson

In this new cyberthreat landscape, security transparence and assurance are more essential than ever.


Over the past century the world has witnessed enormous leaps in technological capabilities, including the dawn of the digital age that gave birth to the global internet. The speed of adoption of interconnectivity and mobility today sees nearly five internet connected devices for every human walking the earth. While these achievements are monumental and revolutionary for organizations, and essential for swift and convenient access to information for individuals, they do not come without substantial risks. As the fifth generation (5G) of cellular network connectivity begins to take shape, and introduces functionality that scales new heights, it will simultaneously expand the cybersecurity threat landscape to the largest ever known.

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While organizations’ and individuals’ innate desire for greater access to data appears unquenchable, the protection and security of that information is frequently an afterthought. The very foundations of the infrastructure for the modern internet were not built with security in mind, and thus these measures have often been introduced in an inefficient and piecemeal manner. The speed of technological advancements, along with demands surrounding time-to-market for new products and services under the umbrella of “digital transformation,” means that this approach lingers. Efforts to build security into a system after its creation gives rise to complex security challenges that are often more costly and time consuming than baking it into the development process. The sheer scale of 5G functionality demands that this habit is broken prior to the global adoption and implementation of 5G connectivity.

Key messages:

  • 5G offers countless opportunities for further digitalization, which itself has been underway for many years.
  • Comprehensive assurance in security is essential throughout the entire ecosystem in the 5G era – from IoT devices to 5G networks, through to regulation and operations.
  • To be truly effective, this will demand collaboration and coordination from all parties involved, as well as regular assessments to meet evolving threats.