Smart Junctions Overview Video

    Video added by Vivacity Labs on 15 Apr 2021
Smart Junctions 5G (SJ5G) uses a private 5G network to enhance the Vivacity Labs’ Smart Junction Project - an AI-based traffic signal optimisation system, currently being deployed in Manchester, which has already shown to cut waiting times at traffic signals significantly.

By using a 5G small cell network we are decreasing infrastructure cost for the connection of the sensors at every junction. Critically, the system requires low-latency communications to achieve its goal - making small cell 5G the perfect technology to deliver this saving.

Following advancements in open architectures for virtualized networks, SJ5G implements an innovative deployment approach that allows for new players to contribute with network densification, maximising the social value created by digital infrastructure.

For SJ5G, Weaver Labs has designed and deployed a cloud-native 5G private network with the necessary governance, security and service layer components to integrate into existing 5G public networks.