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Solution Component Deck - AI for 5G

    Presentation Published on 8 Apr 2020
This is the public view for solution components that we can deliver as part of a UK 5G project. For a more detailed / in depth view, please get in touch with us on 07985 386 107

Our innovation lies in the software (AI / machine learning) which creates a routine for enabling automatic indentification of 5G bandwith demand - for example events such as a traffic queue or sporting event that would benefit from a better, more targeted 5G resource allocation. 

Following identification, resources can be allocated - for example the 5G antenna can be phisically re-oriented to address the identified traffic demand better. 

This is just skimming the surface. In fact, we can deploy a complete BIG data suite that can utilise every single piece of data generated by your 5G DCMS pilot. 

We are currently looking for lead partners interested to deploy such a component as part of their overall proposal for the Phase 2 (5G Create) with final submissions due in June 2020.