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The Smart Manufacturing Value Calculator

    Case Study added by Ericsson on 31 Dec 2021
Adopting private 4G and 5G cellular technology in your factory will boost productivity and propel you into Industry 4.0. The five use cases below will pay for themselves in three to five years.

If all five are working together – expect payback within two years. You can use it for measuring productivity and ROI in smart manufacturing.

The benefits of a private cellular network add up

How to use the calculator:

  • Select one or more use cases by checking the boxes. Remember, deploying all five together will bring greater gains
  • Enter your factory’s revenue, size, output, and staff
  • Watch it update to show the return on investment. Hover over the “Value build-up chart” to see the breakdown of benefits

The prepopulated entry numbers you see represent a mid-sized automotive factory with $100 million USD in revenue, around 500 employees and a gross profit of 10%.