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Transport & Logistics: How To Secure 5G Connectivity

    Guide added by UK5G on 4 Aug 2022
Explore the different options available to transport & logistics organisations to secure 5G

Amid the difficulties of trade post-Brexit and a pandemic, digital technology is crucial for the future of transport and logistics. Organisations need to become more resilient, agile and productive to succeed and thrive. 5G could be the key to unlocking a more efficient and sustainable sector—providing real-time control of operations, improving the passenger experience and increasing security by way of its stable and secure connection.

But while benefits and use cases emerge daily, we know from speaking to the industry that 5G
can seem complex and intimidating. Our work is looking to address that, helping transport and logistics organisations—of all types and sizes—find the right resources and connections to map a path to 5G: this guide aims to increase understanding, generate immediate demand and facilitate commercial deployments.