The Truth is Out There: Examining the Science Around 5G Paranoia

    Report added by UK5G on 14 Jul 2020
The Truth is Out There: Examining the Science Around 5G Paranoia

The popularity of mobile communication systems has come with a new wave of discussion and worries about the adverse health effects of Radio-frequency (RF) exposure. Looking back over the last 25 years, previous generations of mobile systems and, indeed, Wi-Fi have been accused of being harmful, although the claims would die out over time until a new generation is about to be launched.

The advent of the next evolution of mobile and wireless systems to 5G has, as expected, rekindled the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) exposure concerns but on a much bigger scale this time. This is perhaps due in part of the wildfire-like propagation of information on social media, as well as to its grand key performance metrics that promise to revolutionise mobile communications with new services from the “new radio”. The COVID-19 pandemic has not helped matters either as people are in such a desperate situation that they have become vulnerable to pseudo-science and the fake news linking 5G to COVID-19. Even more worrying is that some of these claims are being amplified by detached members of the scientific community and engineers who rely on this pseudo-science and popular reaction for evidence.

In this article, we will rely on facts to bust the top 6 myths on 5G that have gone viral. It is important now more than ever to debunk these claims, given that some misinformed individuals have started vandalizing mobile base stations (some of which are actually 2G) and harassing telecom workers. Telecom infrastructure must be protected, especially in these trying times, as telecommunication networks have proven to be essential in supporting the global economy, including healthcare services.