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Copy of the latest UK5G Newsletter, curated by Miranda Sharp, Innovation Director at Ordnance Survey

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Ordnance Survey (OS) is actively involved in 5G initiatives, and has been since 2016, prior to the ongoing 5G Testbeds and Trials programme. One of the most significant projects,  commissioned and led by DCMS, saw OS form a consortium with the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre, Met Office and Bournemouth Borough Council to explore the impact of the built and natural environment on the propagation of millimetric waves at 26GHz, one of the candidate 5G spectrum bands, and establish the implications for geospatial data requirements for small cell infrastructure planning.

The results of this work are publicly available here. The findings have resulted in operational 5G planning work being undertaken by Bournemouth BC and have generated a high level of interest from many local authorities planning 5G and fibre backhaul rollout. OS used geospatial expertise and capability to capture and model relevant physical objects (the ubiquitous lamp post being just one) at a high resolution of detail (<10cm). 

Lampost connectivity

5G is one of many emerging technologies that will require high-resolution geospatial data. We are working closely with government and business on the development of connected and autonomous vehicles, or CAVs. Notably, we're leading the E-CAVE project, commissioned under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and will develop standards for location data sharing between vehicles and infrastructure, and is the geospatial partner in OmniCAV, which is developing a virtual CAV test facility which replicates a physical road circuit in Oxfordshire. CAV functionality will rely heavily on high-resolution 3D geospatial data, whether indirectly via low-latency 5G connectivity (whose infrastructure will be planned with high-res data) or directly for offline navigation, which will require cached 'map' data.

Increasingly, geospatial data is becoming recognised as a vital component of emerging technologies and our future infrastructure. To provide enduring operational value, three conditions need to be met. First, does the data have a robust and maintainable specification? Second, is it built on open standards? And third, can it be scaled and supported across entire geographies? These are the key questions that we're currently addressing, with its eye firmly on 5G and CAV use-cases.

Thanks for reading, 
Miranda Sharp, Innovation Director, OS (Associate Partner of UK5G)

Upcoming 5G events:

18th Feb: Focus Group on Technologies for Network 2030

19th Feb: UK Spectrum Policy Forum Cluster 1: Future Spectrum Demand

6th Mar: UK SPF Cluster 2: PSSR - accessing government spectrum

10th-11th Apr: 5G Realised delivered by Juliet Media

12th Apr: UK Spectrum Policy Forum - Cluster 4: Future WRC Agenda Item 

2nd May: An Advanced Introduction to 5G Technology

9th May: 5G wide area coverage: macro cells – the why and the how

16th May: UK Spectrum Policy Forum - Plenary Meeting

11th -13th Jun: 5G World

18th-19th Jun: Connected Britain

18th Jun: EuCNC 2019

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EuCNC 2019 is the 28th edition of a successful series of a conference in the field of telecommunications. There is a call for papers ending tomorrow! (8th Feb - this has now closed) Find out more.

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We're pleased that a number of the delivery partners involved in the DCMS funded 5G testbed and trials projects are attending MWC Barcelona. 

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