UK5G Fortnightly Editorial Newsletter | 29 July

    Newsletter added by UK5G on 29 Jul 2021
This fortnightly edition showcases all of the new activities planned to launch this Summer aimed at specific vertical industries

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Dear Members, 

It’s set to be a very busy summer ahead at UK5G. We’re working hard on new activities which are aimed at specific vertical industries – it’s really exciting! 

Meanwhile, Issue 6 of the UK5G Innovation Briefing magazine has been sent off to the publishers and will issue soon; the new UK5G Climate and Environment Working Group has begun its work, and the projects, of course, continue to amaze us with the breadth of what they are doing.

This week, we held a briefing event for the DCMS Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) project. It aims to identify and encourage the national adoption of best-practice processes and tools to enable access to publicly owned assets for the installation of telecommunications equipment - a real barrier for local rollout.

As ever, if you have any thoughts on this newsletter or would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

Bob Driver
Head of UK5G

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  • Showcasing the people working behind 5G
  • 5G Edge-XR – Government-funded project to transform dance education
  • Heatwaves can have serious implications for manufacturing, with temperature variations impacting materials and production processes. How can 5G help?

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