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Library of UK5G Innovation Briefings

Printed quarterly, the Innovation Briefing is published by UK5G as a way of highlighting the exciting work happening within the world of 5G here in the UK. Each issue features insight and commentary on the latest developments coming out of the wide variety of active 5G trials.

Issue 9

May 2022: How The Testbeds And Trials Programme Built A British Ecosystem

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Innovation Briefing Issue 9 Cover

January 2022: Issue 8 Protecting the UK from Global Threats & Breaking the Supply Chain Impasse are the main questions within issue 8.  Additionally we have a write up of all the new DCMS announced FRANC projects, an updated project matrix showcasing the breadth and range of projects accross the UK plus a look at 5G's role in healthcare.  A fully loaded edition.

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Innovation Briefing Issue 8 Cover

Issue 8

October 2021: Issue 7 How Green is the Communications Industry? is the main question within issue 7.  Whilst the world looks to the outcomes from COP26 this issue looks at what the telecoms and communications industry is doing to be sustainable and make tech more responsible.

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Innovation Briefing Issue 7 Cover

Issue 6

August 2021: Issue 6 takes a deep dive into the 5G technology within the UK and focuses on some of the best tech coming out of Blighty.  A technology matrix, 5G Week roundup, OpenRAN and the law and mapping future roll out are just some of this issue's key features.

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Innovation Briefing Issue 6 Cover

Issue 5

April 2021: Celebrating 5 years into the 5G Testbed and Trials programme.  Taking a deepdive into the people behind making these innovative projects tick. Please click through to read the digital version on Flickread (button below) or if you'd like to subscribe and receive a physical copy, simply update your marketing preferences via your UK5G dashboard. (Note: you need to be a registered member of UK5G to receive a print edition) 

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Innovation Briefing Issue 5 Cover

Issue 4

Early Jan 2021: This mammoth edition dropped through letterboxes which includes a 20 page feature on the new 5G Create funded projects. Please click through to read the digital version on Flickread (button below)

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Issue 4 innovation Briefing Cover

In case you missed previous issues, links are provided to a digital copy hosted on Flickread.

Innovation Briefing Issue Three

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Innovation Briefing Issue Two

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Innovation Briefing Issue One

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