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    Newsletter added by UK5G on 23 Jan 2019
Copy of the December Newsletter curated by Rosalind Singleton, UK5G Advisory Board Chair and Managing Director, UK Broadband.

Welcome to the first UK5G newsletter of 2019; your fortnightly update on 5G events, news and testbeds and trials. 

A belated Happy New Year to you.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for the UK5G Advisory Board members; we had our quarterly review meeting at the Tower of London last week which, of course, has resulted in a mountain of actions we're sinking our teeth into. An important part of the meeting was agreeing the evolution of the structure of the UK5G Advisory Board.  Collectively the members have given and taken on a lot of feedback, particularly from people across the 5G ecosystem who want more opportunities to be directly involved.  Having considered this the Advisory Board will now encompass a much broader community for input and action co-ordinated by a small steering team This is positive news for the UK5G community and we'll be posting more information about this on the website in due course.

Tower of London

Hopefully you saw the update from Ian Smith (Programme Director - 5G Testbeds and Trials, DCMS) just before Christmas summarising key moments during 2018 involving the phase 1 testbeds and trials projects. The funding for the projects runs until March 2019, and any further investment will depend on the success of the project use cases. The project teams are working tirelessly to deliver these which will be promoted over the next two months.

The UK5G website continues to evolve too, with the addition of the video wall as well as an online collaboration exchange which we anticipate launching in the next week or two. If you have any queries about 5G, you will be able to submit them to this interactive platform for our expert team to provide an answer and hopefully stimulate further conversation.

We still require content from you; the member network. Please keep submitting your 5G news, events, questions and resources via your dashboard.

I look forward to my fellow Advisory Board members updating you on 5G progress through this fortnightly newsletter but if you have any news you'd like to share via the UK5G email channel, please send it to 

Best wishes, 
Rosalind Singleton, UK5G Advisory Board Chair and Managing Director, UK Broadband

Upcoming 5G events:

29th Jan: Joint ITU-NGMN Conference “Licensing practices in 5G industry segments”

30th Jan: The IET 5G Conference, 5G - the Advent

5th Feb: CELTIC-NEXT Proposers Day

10th-11th Apr: 5G Realised delivered by Juliet Media

2nd May: An Advanced Introduction to 5G Technology

11th -13th Jun: 5G World 

18th-19th Jun: Connected Britain

If you are delivering a webinar or event on 5G, please upload onto the UK5G website by submitting details via  your UK5G dashboard or email   

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OPEN CALL: Eureka competition - event on 5th Feb
Are you developing 5G technologies applications or services? Come to the Celtic Proposers day on 5th February in London to find project partners and see whether you can benefit from the £2 million in EUREKA funding available. 

OPEN CALL: Are you an innovative UK technology start-up looking to internationise your solution?​
Start your mobile world congress week off by joining the Department for International Trade at their networking reception and "Digital Safari" in Barcelona on the evening of 24th February. 

VIDEO: What 5G videos are you watching?
We will continue to add 5G video content to the website. If you have any particular videos bookmarked, please share them with us >

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