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    Newsletter Published on 31 Oct 2019
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Introduction provided by Andrew Palmer, Consulting Director - Telecoms, CGI UK

Globally, mobile data demand is increasing. The number of mobile subscriptions has been rising by two per cent year-on-year and is currently hitting a staggering 7.9 billion (source: Ericsson Mobility Report). In order to meet customer demand and network performance improvement, it comes as no surprise that mobile operators are re-allocating the spectrum from legacy 2G and 3G to free up frequencies for the new more efficient technologies: 4G and 5G. These technologies will provide the speed the modern-day user needs to connect globally and manage multiple real-time applications across their business network.

Ericsson has forecast that by 2024, 5G subscriptions will reach 1.9 billion — covering up to 65 per cent of the world's population. However, there is still a significant number of 2G/3G subscribers to date. This is concerning as users will continue to expect faster connectivity, higher video resolution and larger bandwidth. 2G and 3G technologies simply won’t be able to cope with the increasing demands.

Understanding the complexities involved with switching off 2G and 3G, and ensuring relevant parties are sufficiently warned of the change is an important first step towards the transformation towards 4G and 5G. It is not as simple as just switching off your legacy systems in favour of 5G. For many businesses, particularly in the UK, 2G and 3G reliance doesn’t stop at devices — it permeates the services and platforms that enable IoT connectivity and uphold the overall network infrastructure. In order to keep pace with the global move to 5G, businesses need to be designing roadmaps that guide them through an upgrade by avoiding massive disruption to user experience.

Further insight into how the UK is planning to deal with this can be found in the recent techUK report “The potential impact of switching off 2G in the UK”.

Upcoming events in November

5 - 6 Nov |  Voice and Advanced Communications Summit | 25% discount | Berlin 

6 Nov | Affordable 5G technologies: transforming health & social care | Webinar 

7 Nov |  Digital Rail Revolution Conference | London (25% using  UIC20)

12 Nov | 5G in Healthcare | Free | Saffron Walden

13 Nov  | The Impact of 5G on Business | Free | Coventry

14 Nov | Telecoms Forum Conference | £270 | London

19 Nov | The Reality of 5G | £99 | London

19 Nov | How to connect an autonomous vehicle | Free | Nuneaton

21 Nov | 2nd Neutral Host Workshop | £699 | London

21 Nov | Industry 4.0 and Immersive Technologies - For the Energy, Manufacturing and Utility Sectors | Free | Leeds

25 Nov | CW Talk: Full fibre to every home by 2025: A bold vision or a failure to grasp reality? | Free | London 

26 Nov | Private Networks in a 5G World | £999 | London

29 Nov | 5G in Action | Free | Brighton 
If you are delivering a webinar or event on 5G, please upload onto the UK5G website by submitting details via your UK5G dashboard or email

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If you are delivering a webinar or event on 5G, please upload onto the UK5G website by submitting details via your UK5G dashboard or email 

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