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There is still time to capitalise on 5G funding to better business

By Joe Williams, Strategy and Policy Adviser | 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport 

Thank you to UK5G for letting us open their newsletter - there is plenty to update you on. To say the offices at DCMS have been busy these past few months, would be an understatement. The UK Government has launched two major funding competitions:

  • Industrial 5G Testbeds and Trials competition (more info on
  • Rural Connected Communities (RCC) (more info on

We've received a number of enquires for the manufacturing and logistics grant funding, many of which have been logged on the FAQs page here. For any company wishing to apply or seek a project partner, I recommend you review the briefing event which, although long, provides a comprehensive eligibility summary and talks through the application process. If you have technical knowledge and expertise that targets industrial uses that could deliver efficiency and productivity benefits - DCMS would like to hear from you. The deadline for applications is noon on 10th October. 

The RCC grant funding (£30m) competition was launched just two weeks ago and although interest has been rising, we would appreciate your support to promote both funding calls. Up to 10 research and development projects will be funded over 2 years to trial innovative use cases and technical solutions. Why? To build the business case for investment in rural connectivity and explore the capabilities of 5G to benefit rural communities. We're delivering a briefing event on 12th September in Leeds; the event will be available as an online webcast, so don't worry if you cannot make it in person.

Thanks for your time, Joe

Upcoming events this month

5th Sep | AutoAir will be exhibiting at Cenex LCV | Bedfordshire

5th Sep | State of Play webinar: How 5G will change broadcast | With Matt Stagg

12th Sep | Contracting barriers for connected cities (50% off non-member rate UK5GCITY50) | Cambridge

12th Sep | DCMS Rural Connected Communities – Competition Briefing Event | Leeds

12th Sep | DCMS Rural Connected Communities - Comp Briefing Event | Online Webcast

12th Sep | WM5G Demonstrations | Birmingham 

17th Sep | RF Tech Day – Intel FPGA/Analog Devices Solutions | Harlow

20th Sep | The Digital World: IoT (partner event - 10% discount on event page) | London 

24th-26th Sep | The UK Space Conference 2019| Wales

25th Sep | 5G Rural Showcase | Lancaster (this will be webcast too)

26th Sep | CW TEC | Cambridge 

26th Sep | Public lecture - 'The future paths for 5G technology', Mansoor Hanif (CTO, Ofcom) | Bristol 

30th Sep | An Advanced Introduction to 5G Technology | London

30th Sep | 5G Resilience and Security | London 

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