Working Group: LEPs & SMEs - November Report

    Report Published on 11 Dec 2019
Written by Keith Robson - Co-chair

The WG held a call on 14th Nov to review actions from WG’s previous workshop meeting, assess progress and establish new actions and objectives for the next few weeks.

  • Encouraged all WG members to provide news stories on 5G activities in regions by posting them on Basecamp or publishing resources and articles directly on the UK5G website (via My Account dashboard).
  • Provided insight into the proposed “technical readiness” of 4G/5G roadmap. There are 17 case studies available which PM can share with the WG members on request.
  • Discussed outline plans with Chair of Connected Places WG and WM5G for a “5G Train the Trainers” day to be held in Birmingham early in the New Year. The format as follows: 

Target audience:

LEPs, Local Authorities and many Universities employ experienced business advisers, to support local SMEs in growing their existing businesses or helping fledging new businesses take off. These individuals can be ex entrepreneurs themselves, former business managers or professional business growth advisers. Some but not all will have technical backgrounds but all should be very adept at networking their businesses with specialist sources of information relevant to the sectors that companies are operating in. We believe we should be able to contact around 30 such individuals from the LEPs, Local Authorities and other institutions in the area surrounding WM5G.


  • Provide business advisers with up to date connect of what 5G is and what opportunities it may hold for SMEs involved in the manufacturing sector or in the sector supply chains via relevant case study presentations.
  • To hear from experienced 5G/Digital Adviser practitioners already working with SMS and start ups about their practical experience as to what actually works in helping SMEs engage.
  • Provide an interactive workshop session so that business advisers can works through what tools, advice and connections they may require to help with their particular SME communities.