Working Group: Testbed & Trials Review - November Report

    Report Published on 11 Dec 2019
Written by Paul Beastall – Co-chair of the T&T Review Working Group

The Testbeds and Trials working group met on 28th November at Millbrook, home to the Autoair Trial, delivering 5G services to support the development and testing of connected and autonomous vehicles.

As well as the meeting, we were treated to a trip around the test track, streaming video calls over 5G services. It is also great to see how Millbrook are using the 5G service to get better quality and more timely telemetry data from their test vehicles.

Phase 1 Trials

These trials are either completed or coming to an end at the end of the financial year. Rosemary Kay provided us with a summary of some of the key benefits seen on the Liverpool trial, particularly in the area of in-home social care, where 5G technology is successfully helping compliance with drug taking regimes and combatting loneliness.

Upcoming Trials

Both the Rural Connected Communities and Industrial 5G competitions are closed and we are awaiting further news on the evaluation and selection from DCMS. We also had an introduction to the "5G ready" testbed that Network Rail have built at their test track in Melton Mowbray and the process for how active trial equipment could be deployed.

Security Subgroup

We are moving forwards with forming a security subgroup. Mark Hawkins from Qinetiq will act as chair and James Cooke from DCMS will play a key role. We reviewed draft terms of reference and will refine them before sharing more widely. The group will be looking for members from across the UK5G community to join and take the lead in this very important area.