Youth Engagement with 5G

    Presentation added by West Midlands 5G on 25 Jan 2021
5G in 5 Days

WM5G have been looking at ways that we can get young people from across the Region involved in the programme but also provide them with an opportunity to develop digital skills and come up with real life solutions to challenges that they face every day. A big part of this development has been to ensure that we are proving the benefit for longer investment into this programme through 5PRING.

5G in 5 Days is an exciting opportunity for 6 young people aged 18-24 that are living in the West Midlands to work with industry experts, gain invaluable experience, increase their skills and knowledge on 5G & WM5G whilst raising their profile in the region. Discovering how 5G technology works, the benefits it brings and explore the real world improvements it can make to our lives. 

We be allowing these young people exclusive access to our Birmingham 5PRING Innovation Centre, where they will have the opportunity to build on their knowledge of 5G and come up with a solution to their real-life challenge. With access to the latest in 5G kit, high speed networks and industry leading experts. We will also be offering the opportunity for these young people to visit and see multiple real life 5G solutions to challenges that businesses have overcome from across the Region. We will also be providing with them with their own 5G phone to capture and record the story for the duration of the project. 

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